abbreviated  heads

a certain prime set

                in visible fingers

a sidewalk of air


shattered fallacy

espoused with frugality

that splashes

the one false


                measure folded over

pink and yellow

topical antibiotics             it cripples


the eighth’s inversion


from eyes on the ground

to eyes on the ground


evacuated in green




                ooze from the left

lobster’s pinchers

unaddressed but not open


to the counterpoint that curled


a retirement of flowers

microphoning substance

                to reflect the non-empty

inside everyone’s lungs


by contracting the impious

degrees of fondness

or decoding


the nestles from nettles                              


of our

porous domes




                in in-universe

parallel one ways

face caves

wait for the wall

to crumble          into


turquoise corridor

where shoes are

                                of no use

but where

money is


an enclosure


for discrete

breathers            a sceptre

that occurs in clusters

or not at all


an important variable


pressurized us

to invent laughter


                after being buffaloed

by a sodbuster


the sea smells

                of the hated       form      of

political                 representation

and the fluidity of banks

never changes                  in spite                 of

the shape


that creeps

 into the jaundice

instead of


the ocean




over the hundred

and eighteen

islands in feathered blackness

the city masks

an exemplary    hierarchy

that we remembered


disgust is unjust


while the waves were framed

by static               a mannerist’s

concealment was eating

into this dwelling


snowblind allocation




                for the sake of the seventh

gentleness temporarily


skull bells broadcast

personal forgetting


and skin silks

                to rain patterns

after in the centers

for a flutter of a rotation


the hemophiliac persists

by adopting lichen           the grips

slip         by mental application


a straightjacket of light

brained me brine

crypt from my eyes

stalagmite desire


embodied           ventricles


whose dirty

toenails                                are over

compasses with wings

and winged                        missiles

                barrel over


into the zero


towards another stairwell




the parameters

of the slowest

                                dissociation in bowed

particle board


come from the center

of a volcano

                a glass chamber

where our

alchemic spit sticks

to the aperture

for words

of the other

we desire


to hold the world


as the world

                and no more




                without the conditional

trust in                  to toll more

like a lower chord

of the ocean


our tertiary chain strengthens

today’s continent

of weather dissonance


                by carving out giblets


the grated tenders

the lagoon’s parabolas


and the edges

snake along

today’s detergent


polluting the gutters

                as a series of functions

cut off from the world


                a puddle of sorrow



diced tongues



its rightness

is not a question

we can finance

but we will

to be outside the city

centripetal egos




in another century

of fragments

at the table         a high ratio

of gray patches

flooded the fictive

                walls with eyeball

wrinkles               tension


                between the inwardness

of protection and its

isolating saturation


                that this


does not cancel

though it does






at the moody     chasm

of misplaced concreteness

the fried placenta

stores for never

and the mirror is never

empty                   but the simulated



a canal and its safety


to acquisition blanket warmth

 from the nexus of

fun’s dementia


                cysts fits and love




                clasping the unclaspable

enemy of vampires

to record dignity

without splattering

                the untruth of the machine


a martyr backstage

awakens as quagmire

condenses in praise


her voice is radiated


above the others

through the blender


my spastic masticator

rewinds unseen

                ballistics to siphon

collagen emissions

like a squid blinking ink


the spleen’s





archive groans



body tingles

uneven angles


alkaline mechanisms


                unable to bend

music begins


from medical treatment

without fanfare                                onto the willows


against ourselves