Im Abendrot.


It is the twilight of art.

Hey not_I!

You know what’s weird?

That art got kind of beautiful,

like I never was before.


In the wind, in the mountain

soundtrack, I heard naught

but one word: Strauss.


Mountain come back to the mountain.

This is the navel

where project meets affect.


not_I am the future,

that’s an order:

Crystal Break Open


Up the Meadow

made up of code

& power.       Deep pun,



The sky

            pours over

                        the wound.


We’re the new Decodents,

Art sleeps too, bitches=


It’s time 2 wake up.






Every Time I Think Nature Can’t Shock Me Any More, I Discover Something Like This. Wow.





Every Time I Think Nature Can’t Shock Me Any More, I Discover Something Like This. Wow.


Remember feelings before emoji
Remember seeing the stars in the sky?
I remember really being alone

Emoji remember feelings to me
Like glitter recalls stars in the sky

And loneliness smells of company

We experience new old feelings with each new emoji
New old stars are discovered every year
And named after their captors—

Emoji sign feelings...
Stars embody an old light!

With the retinal lag of departure...

Come back to me as emoji,
Or a star
That doesn't reach after meaning,









About time you got here.

They move so slowly

when they're not afraid.


Come on then. My log does not judge,

it only records. I've got tea.

I've got cookies. No cake.


Sugar. The owls won't see us in here.

            Shut your eyes and you will burst into flames.

We'll let it steep.


Wait for the tea. The fish aren't running.

I go to great lengths to keep it under control.

You're two days late.


Clues may be as cold as the tea

but that's your concern.

My log saw something,


something significant.

There's no closer relationship

than the logger with the tree.


Drink first and be ready for the truth.

My husband was a logging man.

He met the devil.


The devil took the form of fire. Fire

is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke.

You can ask it now.


Shhhh. Let me do the talking.

Dark. Laughing.

The owls were flying.


Many things were blocked.

Laughing. Two men. Two girls.

Flashlights, in the woods,


pass by, over the ridge.

The owls were near.

The dark was pressing in on her...


Quiet then. A gentle wind.

Footsteps, later, one man

pass by. All quiet.


Screams, far away. Terrible.

Terrible. One voice...



Further up.

Over the ridge

The owls were silent.






For Brainard.


I forget the color of my father's eyes.

I forget to breathe.

I forget the quadratic equation.

I forget how many inches are in a foot, all the time.

I forget everything.

I forget to forget you sometimes. 

I forget whether I turned off the coffee pot before leaving the house.

I forget parts of Zadar's layout.

I forget Croatian.

I forget to eat.

I forget to forget you.

I forget where we were.

I forget or I forgot.

I forget which trains transfer at Times Square.

I forget which trains transfer at Penn Station.

I forget you're a bitch.

I forget thee, oh Jerusalem.

I forget where Sheepshead Bay is.

I forget which islands there are in NYC aside from Governor's.

I forget my User ID and Password.

I forget the time difference between here and Germany.

I forget my first kiss.

I forget I even had cancer.

I forget my Verizon Wi-Fi password.

I forget the exit you take on the highway to get to my parents' house.

I forget things, but that's part of the game.

I forget to buy toilet paper until I've already run out.

I forget to remove my tampon.

I forget, sorry!

I forget a lot of birthdays.

I forget the answer to the security question.

I forget the magnitude of the recession.

I forget who you are.

I forget the words to songs.

I forget which comes first, Labor or Memorial Day.

I forget my passwords.

I forget what it feels like to have super short hair.

I forget to turn off my cell in the airplane.

I forget things easily.

I forget what it feels like to be in a country where you don't understand

the language.

I forget having been a child, and having been told what to do.

I forget to take my birth control pill.

I forget what I did on my thirteenth birthday.

I forget to tell people how much I really do appreciate them for being

an important part of my life. 

I forget you every day.

I forget the rest.

I forget that I'm married.

I forget the feeling of summer vacation.

I forget the thrill of the last day of school.

I forget that I still have a disease.

I forget that I am a painter and not a politician.

I forget how to play classical guitar.

I forget a riot, I forget a riot.

I forget my grocery list. Every time.

I forget to be jaded some days.

I forget the second part of Debussy's Arabesque.

I forget what Barthes looks like.

I forget my phone.

I forget I don't wear any underwear.

I forget I wet myself too.

I forget your birthday. Oops!

I forget you are suffering.

I forget what it's like to swim in the sea, not the ocean.

I forget what it's like to never feel guilty.

I forget what it's like to never feel fearful.

I forget everything but your face.

I forget to grab a towel before I shower.

I forget that the rest of my computer still works when my internet is down.

I forget to turn off my swag and sometimes I end up covered in bitches.

I forget what it's like to walk around without a jacket.

I forget what it's like to be with anyone else when I'm with you.

I forget the words to that thing you say in AA, "Keep coming back, it works if you work it…."

I forget the first time I got drunk.

I forget that someone I know in real life follows me on here.

I forget 9/11.

I forget myself.

I forget my name even.

I forget, three, four occasions, he refuses the mask because he is unhappy with the design.

I forget to see the other things she does which prove her love for me.

I forget what it was like to have a boyfriend.

I forget what it was like to have sex with a man.

I forget the person who broke my heart.

I forget about the things I love.

I forget if I technically graduated in 2011 or 2012.

I forget what it's like not to live in New York.

I forget what it's like to live in Europe.

I forget what it's like not to have a cell phone.

I forget things. Or perhaps it's the air.

I forget to have fun.

I forget the first time I went on the Internet.

I forget the time before Facebook, when we only had emails.

I forget life before the Web.

I forget the names of flowers.

I forget what it's like to be a virgin.

I forget what it's like not to be in love.

I forget what it's like not to be a smoker.

I forget how boring air travel really is.

I forget what sign comes after Pisces.

I forget they run the opera like the military.

I forget if midnight is twelve AM or PM.

I forget to remember.

I forget to forget.




not_I performs at galleries, universities, parties and weddings. For more information, contact Sophia Le Fraga and Ana Božičević.