I. Do you smoke?


II.        —Why do you?
           —Where do you?
           —When do you?
           —How often do you in a day?
           —Do you more at certain times of the day?
                      —every day?
                      —with others?
                      —more when alone or when with others?
                      —Who are the others?
           —Do you around your family?
                      —around kids?
                      —have kids?
                      —live with kids?
           —When were you born?
           —Where were you born?
           —When did you start?
           —While you were growing up, were you allowed to in the house?
                      —did your parents?
                      —your siblings?
                                 —parents with you?
                                 —siblings with you?
                                 —you alone?
                                 —love your parents?
                      —your parents tell you it was bad?
           —Why did you start?
           —With whom did you start?
           —Do you offer yours to others?
           —Who are the others?
           —Are there any in your pocket?
           —What kind are in your pocket?
           —Do you prefer light or regular?
                      —water colors or oils?
                      —woods or the beach?
                      —salt or sugar?
                      —ring dings or yodels?
                                 —or kale?
                      —pencils or pens?
           —Do you drink?
                      —more when you drink?
                      —have sex?
                      —more after you have sex?
                      —with others after you have sex?
           —Do you have trouble breathing?
                      —with restraint?
           —Do you have a chosen faith?
           —How often do you feel guilty?
                      —think about death?
           —Do you prefer the sky or the sea?
                      —staccato or legato?
           —Do you have a lot of friends?
           —Have you done things like this before?
           —What is the best way to reach you?




MÓNICA DE LA TORRE’s The Happy End/ All Welcome is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse in 2016. Previous poetry books include Public Domain (Roof Books) and Talk Shows (Switchback), as well as the collaborative book Taller de Taquimecanografía, published in Mexico City a few years ago. She is BOMB Magazine’s senior editor. "Questionnaire for Prospective Cigarette Tester" was ghostwritten for her.