It starts: what

are you a response to

context poetics

a caricature

gone wrong – too

many bookmarks

experimental blogs


you created a new reader

a new license for proof you

undertook me

in your frame

critically and

published poisons

on your blower.


Everyone saw no

one said a word

& now I’m worried.


I’m worried I’ll run

out of space

to tell you what

I mean when I say

you, I mean


that choice is

certainly in

my mind.






In moving between

literal and metaphorical

I happened on a photograph

of violent analogies.


There, in the streets

the general public participates

in this collective

decay this



destruction of what

the word attempts to define


a certain elitism

limited more

and more to the little touches

of solitude squeezed

in each urban space.


Here, the language

is built not

written built

on this stack of news

that I’m not

sure has a “genius”

of its own.


I can’t recall the news

but I think of more

to cram inside

the bright light that makes you

and me a museum

an archive of some sort.








I remember the story

writing itself repeat:


an experience

slanting a shred

of my composition

around the lower-streets

a dream city, floating



on the forefront.








MICHAEL VALINSKY is a Brooklyn based author from Paris writing in English, French & Italian. Enrolled at New York University, at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Michael is pursuing a degree in Poetics & Praxis. He is a poetry editor at the student-run literary journal West 10th and his writing has been featured in Columbia University’s New PoetryAgave MagazineSoundctrl.com and the WILD Magazine. He is the author of .TXT Zurich: 89plus/LUMA Publications, 2014.