the number of fucks i give


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. If you are viewing this and you dont personally know me, what are you doing? Just joking your more than welcome to look around. Well basically im fresh out of school and trying to make my way around this strange world. Once you leave school reality starts to kick in and you know that if you don't do something quick than you'll fail and turn into some next crazy heroin taker who scares the living daylights out of normal people only because they know you are poor and willing to do anything to get a little bit of money to satsfy your need. But hopefully that won't happen to me. TOUCH WOOD. Well enough abot me, hey you know what this is all about me otherwise you wouldn't be here. If oyuve had enough piss off otherwise keep coming back caus ei will update this regularlly. PEACE OUT

Let's pretend we're playing Jeopardy right now. The answer is “pretty fucking difficult.” i took an advil yesterday for a headache – headache went away in 20 minutes. that’s the extent of my drug habit. =) Then start your own thread bro, don't hijack mine for chrissakes. This thread is all gnocchi all the time, no h8rs allowed. ­Hugh Hefner Get a motorcycle, it will change your life You beatbox for them that's awesome xD tonight's another full moon, too! Answer: LOL. Thanks! I know

Am I Epic Yes. Do I Love To Sword Fight Yes. Do I Like To Make Friend's Yes. Will I Be Your Friend If Ur Wierd No Do I Love Pancake's OMG Yes. (1) Do you like mustaches? Oh yes :D (2) Do you have a mustache? nope :p (3) Am I epic? :yes: :D (1) Do you like mustaches? On people not so much but by themselves totally :yes: (2) Do you have a mustache? Yes :yes: (no :p I wouldn't try it xD) (3) Am I epic? Is this talking to me or you :O because I am epic :yes: and so are you :yes: (1) Do you like mustaches? Of course! (2) Do you have a mustache? No.. I'm a girl :D (3) Am I epic? YESH. I think mustaches are cute, Lol! NO, I don't have a mustache. Lol! You're the very definition of epic in the dictionary. :lmbo: (1) Do you like mustaches? YUSH! (2) Do you have a mustache? A virtual one~ :{3 (3) Am I epic? That is top secret information. :ninja: ARE YOU READY?: Yes, I believe I am ready. AM I AWESOME?: No, I will explain this in the next question. AM I EPIC?: Yes, you are Epic. Epic­ness is much better than awesomeness.

some things u need to know about me:im 11 i love the osu cowboys and im epicly epic. HELLO my name is justin hi im 11 and im EPIC!!!!!! am i awesome YES am i cool let me think YES am i funny YES YES am i crazy YES YES YES YES Am I Real? Yes Am I awesome? Yes Am I a Pro? yes Am I awesome? Yes! Am I J. K Rowling? NO. Sup I'm A Pretty Fun Guy I Don't Like To Serious Alot But Eh,So I Play Roblox,Minecraft And Toribash Sometimes 'Tis a cat. 'Tis a zombie. 'Tis a derpy cyclops pumpkin. The apocalypse hath begun! Via BirdCam. I am Saito, the Wind Dancer! I love cake...and fun..and everything except bad guys! Thats why im a Dog Killer Hai loves :D! Yes I don't know you but I love you anyway :3 !! Everyone needs love, hugs, and a pokemon ball in case of emergencies !!

There are 5 things that I am HOOKED on. 1. My cellphone because I love to communicate to people all the time, anytime. 2. Video Games is something that I would go insane if I didn't have! I have been playing video games since I could hold a N64 controller properly. 3. Music is my biggest one because it is full of meaning and it helps me relax and so much more. 4. A fridge to keep my delicious foods cool and fresh. 5. Lastly, YouTube!! I love YouTube because of all the joy and entertainment you obtain from it. It is also full of cool and interesting ideas and concepts. That's all I got for you so see ya :D




MICHAEL HESSEL-MIAL is a poet and scholar based in Atlanta, Georgia. He makes image macros. He is webmaster of Internet Poetry, co-editor (with Penny Goring) of the anthology MACRO (forthcoming November 2015 from Boost House) and author of the ebooks mspaint and heartbreak14 sonnets for money, and VITA NUOVA II. He is currently creating a macro series titled greatest poet alive.