Rarely, horses.
Empathetic fit
s. Deliverance
the horses obs
erve to becom
e ethical being
s and accumu
late person-lik
e authority for
pain; this all b
ecause it is fla
wed. Rarely h
orses do but w
hat has insurm
ountable fault
s easily ackno
wledged and s
o dismissed an
d so ripe for fu
rther, almost se
xual, perusal fo
r the academy.
The horses rare
ly do what they
do for the acad
emy, but if that
is the result of t
heir leisure, wh
at use in obstru
cting the uncea
sing, florid con
flagration occu
rring hourly wi
thin a caucus o
f university libr
aries. Each sha
res in scholastic
ism, the buddin
g scholar needs
books that ever
y other has lon
g already read.
Wood that bur
ns too daintily
need be burnt f
or that as much
as due the forti
tude for weakn
ess that compe
lls yr stripéd be
ing-so demands.






I don’t mean fuck with
       my emotions
as in the Funyun thing.
Strange room. Are you

and Kim friends?
She told me that like

She told me that Josh
       —and that makes sense
       —it’s a possibility. So

weird with guys. She has sex with them.
She’s really silly.
That’s how I am

                            around friends. I know this is going to sound
really slutty but
we have such good
              talks about what kind of school this is.

I’m not saying this to brag.”



LOGAN FRY is an Ohio poet who lives in Austin, TX. His work has been published in venues including Fence, Prelude, Boston Review, The Cultural Society, and Reality Hands, and he edits FLAG+VOID, a journal of rigorous poetry, with Matthew Moore