leaving for the Oscars

and His Mom

looking in the mirror

taking a Selfie

in his kitchen today

at The Chateau Marmont

holding steaming broccoli

in Beverly Hills

picking me up

at the Bowery Hotel

at my studio

wearing his faux fur coat

holding the Gotham award he just won

getting into character

enjoying a salad

at my place

at home

as me

and a horse

in Runyon Canyon

peeing on a hydrant

one eyed

double fisted


sleeping on the steps of Omen

on his banana phone

at the dining table

in a chair

behind a plant

on my balcony

outside my window

on the street

at my opening

in front of Red Lips at OHWOW Gallery

with a flower in his ear

at the Smile

enjoying some delicious NY water

gone wild

in a taxi

posing with fans

walking down Lexington Ave.

swinging from a scaffolding

biting a rose

holding a rose

on my couch

in the hallway

in the elevator


holding a cross

holding a yardstick

inside of St. Peter's

close to the cross

having afternoon tea

pouring tea

in front of Mariage Freres

in front of a blue door

in his new YSL tank top

at YSL

in the car on our way to the show

wearing a YSL tank top on his way to the YSL show

being interviewed after the show

late for a fashion show

enjoying a delicious cup of Nespresso

at Cafe Flor

on our way to Cafe Flor

walking away


on his way to the airport

rocking out

in his home studio

singing me an awesome new song

making out with a rubber chicken

yelling at a rubber chicken



enjoying a pear

getting ready to enjoy a pear

reading A People's History of the United States

as Dirty Harry

eating popcorn

watching TV

inviting me into his room

entertaining me

playing guitar in his hotel room

blow drying his hair

burning the lens

back on the bridge

dont jump!

climbing on top of the bridge

rolling his eyes

using his inhaler

in Paris




JAMESON FITZPATRICK is the author of the chapbook Morrisroe: Erasures (89plus/LUMA Publications). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The AwlThe American ReaderThe Literary Review and Poetry, among elsewhere.