1. Summary

Jungle Juice is the name given to an improvised mix of liquor that is usually served for group 

consumption. Most jungle juice mixtures contain large quantities of hard alcohol mixed with 

a variety of fruit juices. For example, jungle juice may contain everclear, rum, gin, tequila, 

vodka, wine, mixed with orange, grapefruit, grape, apple, pineapple, or other juices for flavor 

and to stretch the quantity of alcohol. In addition, some jungle juice batches contain chunks 

of various fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, or grapes. Another common recipe for 

large batches, mixes everclear and frozen juice concentrate in a large container, such as a 

garbage can and diluted with tap water to desired strength. Jungle juice can also be made 

with Kool-Aid; this is sometimes called “Hunch Punch.” A gin-based drink is the gin 

bucket, containing gin, fruits, Fresca and served out of a suitable sized bucket. Jungle juice is 

sometimes called spodie (suh-pO-dee) or wop. (Rhythm and blues singer-guitarist-
songwriter Stick McGhee, the brother of blues legend Brownie McGhee, celebrated the 

concoction under both names in two of his songs, “Drinkin’ Wine Sp-Dee-O-Dee” and 

“Jungle Juice”; an allmusic.com profile of the bluesman suggest the former song may have 

helped give jungle juice the nickname “spodie.”) It is often an inexpensive means of getting 

many people intoxicated at parties. Every celebrant brings something to contribute to the 

festivities. Any Fruit juice or soda is an acceptable addition to the mix. Fruit-based and 

neutral alcohols are also good. Brown alcohols, especially whiskey, are not used, as they 

make the wop unpalatable, nor beer, which creates an unpleasant flavor. The fruit is usually 

eaten as well, as it will have absorbed considerable alcohol. There are countless recipes and 

even websites devoted solely to jungle juice. The term has also been used for similar less-

than-reputable alcoholic concoctions. There are several popular explanations regarding the 

origin of the name. Generally, it is believed that the name originates from the drink’s 

potency, causing an extreme state of inebriation and this causing the drinker to exhibit 

animal-like behavior. Alternatively it has been suggested that the pioneers of the drink were 

soldiers in military stations in a jungle, who threw together what alcohol and other drinks 

they had.


2. Experience 


Back in the day when my dad was young he made a ton of wop at this huge party he threw. 

Anyways, towards the end of the night when the jungle juice was getting low someone notice 

something in it....A FISH! Haha anyways to make a long story short the wasted person that 

saw it puked, causing another person to puke and another and another.


I have never been this extreme but have thrown chocolate syrup and weird stuff like that in 

it and no one even noticed.


That’s how good it is.



As a fraternity member I do drink jungle juice in my fraternity house because I know who 

makes it and how it is made. However, going to a random party and drinking jungle juice? I 

don't think so," Ramirez said. "I have heard many horror stories. For example, my freshman 

year, I saw people drink jungle juice out of black garbage bags as well as bathtubs, which I 

personally think is ridiculous and extremely dangerous. But hey, if you are willing to take that 

risk, you deal with the consequences.


“When the police busted the party and talked to the people that lived there they found jungle 

juice in a bathtub in their house and the hosts admitted to peeing and putting pubic hairs in 

the bathtub," Daun-Barnett said. "Jungle juice is not kept in cleanly places, we find it in tubs, 

sinks, storage totes and garbage cans…you don't really know what else is in there or how 

clean it is.



Never drink that shit it fucks you up so bad. Last night there was this big party in the same 

spot as in the "This Past Weekend" post. So basically it was me, BarnIncident, Siege, 

Argento, and Yosh. We have all convinced Argento to be the designated driver for the night 

and we're gonna leave from BarnIncident's house at about 9:15. I actually tried a Carib beer 

at BarnIncident's house and I have to say that beer sucks major ass. We arrive at the party 

around 9:45 since it is far away from where we live. There are many people there when we 

arrive and a good amount of alcohol, but no cups. So mixed drinks are out until the cups get 

there which were supposedly on their way at the time. I content myself with drinking beer 

and doing quick shots from some of the handles that were wandering around the party. 

There I run into a friend of mine, Corn, who is British and pretty hilarious because he 

basically lives to party and get tanked. So I'm drinking and just chilling out; building a buzz 

and giving Argento and BarnIncident pointers on how to work it with girls they like. 

Sometimes, all certain guys need is a push in the right direction you know?


And suddenly the Jungle Juice arrives. Many people do not know what Jungle Juice is which 

makes it even more dangerous if they're drinking it without knowledge of what it contains. 

Let me explain: Jungle Juice has many different recipes throughout the country, but most of 

these recipes involve quite a large amount of grain alcohol. Grain alcohol is also known as 

Everclear by some and it is rated at 190 proof or 95% alcohol content by volume. Basically, 

it's like pure alcohol which means it can really get you hammered, but it also tastes like shit 

so it needs to be heavily mixed with juice like kool-aid or whatever your respective recipe 

calls for. This mixing to hide the taste is what makes Jungle Juice so dangerous because you 

can't taste the alcohol so many people get carried away not realizing how much they are 

actually getting with each drink. We had 4 gallons of the stuff. 1 gallon of grain alcohol and 3 

gallons of Kool-Aid which means, forgive my math if I'm wrong, that each gallon of Kool-Aid contains 43 

ounces of grain alcohol. So in a 10 ounce cup that's a pretty decent amount 

of alcohol in the one drink. I had 4 cups.


By an hour into the party Siege and I are singing Oklahoma while swaying drunkenly back 

and forth. I am drinking beers now and I think I must have had like 8 beers plus a couple 

shots and the 4 cups of Jungle Juice by the end of the party. There were not many hilarious 

incidents for most of the party besides me calling Corn a "stupid British fuck" and telling 

him to speak English when he said he needed to take a "slash" which means piss in British. 


All I know is that by the time it was nearing the end of the party I had my arm around two 

freshmen girls who were only so-so and I was hitting on them relentlessly. I had such 

massive beer goggles on I might as well have been blind. It was embarrassing. I also 

remember talking to this kid Train and he was like, "I like fucking fat chicks." When he said 

that I was stunned, I wanted to throw up. Instead, I ran to the balcony above the main room 

and shouted out to everyone at the top of my lungs, "TRAIN LIKES TAGGING

WHALES!!!!!" An empty can went flying past my head so I figured it was time to duck 

down from there.


My drunkeness progressed to the point where I was having Corn teach me how to crush 

beer cans against my head. It is actually not as hard as it seems, but it is also quite painful. 

Even when you're so hammered you can't feel anything. I must have crushed like over 10 

cans because I got out of hand when I got excited because I realized I could do it and 

marched proudly around the party crushing any empty cans I could find against the right 

side of my head. Now we come to practically the end of the party and this girl that Argento 

really likes (we'll call her TheBitch) is complaining about how we're gonna try and fit 7 kids 

in the car because I told Corn we'd give him a ride. I said flat out to her face: "Fuck you, I'd 

rather have fucking Corn in the car than you." Needless to say she did not take that 

comment lightly. We reach Argento's car and we proceed to use our drunken logic to try and 

squeeze everyone in. We end up putting me, Siege, Corn, and BarnIncident squished 

together in the backseat. Yosh takes shotgun and TheBitch will have to ride on his lap. She 

seems hesitant so I yell out the door, "TheBitch you're sitting on Yosh's fucking lap, I don't 

care if he's a minority. Get in the car!"(Yosh is latino) Everyone laughed except TheBitch.


The car ride home was rather interesting because none of us could read the directions 

properly while drunk so we were of no help to Argento. Not to mention the fact that we 

tended to randomly break into song like when we began shouting U2's "Vertigo" at the top 

of our lungs. It was probably the worst rendition ever done of that song in history. Plus, the 

ride was filled with comments from us bugging TheBitch such as when I asked Yosh if he 

had an erection yet. Again the comment from the bitch, "Fuck you." By the time we 

dropped TheBitch and Yosh off and got back to BarnIncident's house my voice was so 

hoarse from yelling all night that I sounded like a lung cancer patient. BarnIncident's sister, 

who is not bad looking I have to say...sorry man but it's true, and two of her friends are 

there. They are also freshmen, but my drunken mind sees only that they are females and no 

other details. Corn and I light up a stogie and let the girls take a couple hits. They had 

already been at a small party that night which was surprising considering they are freshmen. 

During this time I drink two Red Stripe beers. I think I was pretty shitfaced, or "sloshed" as 

Corn calls it. People filtered upstairs including Corn (and this kid wants to party with me in 

Barbados these next two weeks and he's crashing out at like 2 AM? Jeez) until it is only me 

and BarnIncident's sister left.


One thing led to another and before I know it she is on her knees in front of me with her 

face right in front of my crotch and is proceeding to unbuckle my belt. I mean, I hadn't even 

touched her or hooked up with her and she is going right after the goods. Luckily, I realized 

what was going on and was like Whoa! This CANNOT happen! And yes BarnIncident 

knows what went on and he thinks it's pretty funny. Now the rest of the night I cannot give 

details on simply because I don't remember any of it. I remember leaving BarnIncident's 

house and going to hang out with some kids I know from outside of school. All I know is 

that I woke up on the couch at home at like 6 AM and I had 67 dollars and 3 cents in my 

pocket and I had one of those big long sticks of Starburst. The thing is, I didn't have any 

money in my pocket when I left BarnIncident's.


So anyways that was the night. I'm finishing this story on a balcony in Naples, Florida. If 

anyone who reads this lives near there and wants to party then drop me a line on my blog e-
mail. After this Wednesday I will be going down to Barbados in the Carribean. I will have 

free high-speed internet access at the hotel there so I should be able to keep a running 

update of my exploits there which should be pretty crazy haha.



around here we call it wop, swims also drank some pink panty dropper (swim didn't get any 

tail though :(  ) last night which is why he is posting in this 5 year old thread. swim has 

enough good wop stories to keep him busy for years and most of them end with "then i 

blacked out", now he usually steers clear of this vile shit. swims only personally made one, 

doesn't remember what they put in it. 


the worst was this stuff that one of his friends would make, he heard it was with clear kool 

aid, after only 3 cups of it swim blacked out woke up and did not expect what he did the 

night before. swim was out till 5 in the fucking morning and doesn't remember anything 

after midnight. before then everyone else was acting a fool too, one of his guy friends kissed 

another male friend right on the lips (these were like wangster people so thats why it was 

kinda funny). anyway swim stumbled into his dads house ( unannounced and with his ex 

girlfriend) at 5 in the morning as his dad was leaving for work, it was not a good night for 

swim when he woke up he was thinking he went home at a semi decent hour, 2ish. 


another time this rich kid in high school threw a party at his family cabin which is on this 

little piece of land right in the bluffs that was where about 3 members of the family lived. his 

whole family was out of town one time in high school and he threw a HUGE party at the 

cabin, double barrel, double wop. they had a beer bong going from the second story loft 

inside the cabin and going down to the floor of the main room. pong table in each corner of 

the house. people were doing rolls, swim and his friend had some coke. one of his best 

friends long term gf ( she was rolling) came up to swim, grabbed his dick and asked these 

exact words " do you have any rolls or blow" OMFG you gotta be kidding swim. for one 

swim would never fuck his buddy's chick, and two thats just so blunt about the situation. 

everyone knows if swiy has coke it makes it way easier to pick up chicks, but to just come 

out and say it was just weird. anyway the party got busted ( high school ) and there was a 

good 60 or 70 people in there, but someone saw it coming and we all took off and climbed 

up the bluffs and in the woods, only about ten people got drinking tickets, it was pretty 



one time his buddy was like yea were having a wop. so swim goes over and it was just him 

and like 3 of his buddies sitting with this tiny cooler full of wap, it was so funny swim 

thought he was going to a party. the wop was awful, had so much pulp and pineapple swim 

could hardly drink it. one thing they put in it was those long "super rope" liquorish things 

which was really good, and they were drinking with twizlers as straws.


3. Recipe


2 handles of cheap grain vodka 

2 cans of Country Time Pink Lemonade mix

Ice and water to taste



1 handle of cheap vodka

5th of Everclear

1 liter of ginger ale

2 flavors of fruit punch



2 handles of cheap vodka

1 liter of grain alcohol

2 cans of limeade concentrate

2 liters Sprite

2 cans of your favorite flavor of Kool Aid

Ice and Water to taste



10 5-Hour Energy bottles

2 4-packs of Red Bull

2 Liters of grain alcohol

1 Handle of cheap gin or vodka

2 liters Sprite, Fresca, ginger ale or 7-Up

2 Cans of Country Time Lemonade mix

Ice and water to taste



1 liter of grain alcohol 

1 Handle of cheap vodka

6 light beers

2 liters Ginger Ale 

1 large can of Country Time Lemonade mix

1 750ml pomegranate vodka



1 litre of everclear (If available)

1 beer (12-40 oz)

1-2 litre of Triple Sec

1 half gallon (1.75 litre) of Vodka

1 half gallon of Run

1 litre of Watermelon Shnapps

.5-1 bottle of wine

1-2 gallon of Fruit Punch



1-2 cans of frozen juice concentrate

1-3 packages of Kool-Aid

A bunch of chunks of watermellon, grapes, oranges, strawberries, kiwis 

and whatever else i can find

Soak for 4-24 hours




1 L Everclear

5.25 L (3 1.75L bottles) Vodka

1 bottle Peach Schnapps

1 pint Bacardi 151 Proof Rum

1 bottle 99 Apples Apple Schnapps

10 L Sprite

1 L Sunny Delight

1 L Triple Sec

1.75 L bottle Gin

1 bottle DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker

4 bottles Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine

8 L Hawaiian Punch

2 containers Orange Juice concentrate

Fruit (as much as desired)



1 l. Everclear

750 ml. bottles watermelon schnapps

1 750 ml. bottles strawberry schnapps

3 6 qt. containers strawberry lemonade mix1 watermelon

1 lb. strawberries



1 case of (cheap) beer

1 handle of (cheap) vodka

Lemonade mix



½ Gallon of Everclear

1 Gallon of Vodka

½ Gallon Rum

750 ml. Bottle Triple Sec

6 Cans Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

1 gallon of Cranberry juice

3 cans Pineapple Juice

1 Bottle Jack Daniel’s

1 Bottle Southern Comfort

1 Bottle Apple schnapps

1 Bottle Seagram’s Whiskey

1 Bottle Bacardi White Rum

1 Gallon Sunny Delight

8 Liters Hawaiian Punch

2 Cans Orange Juice


4. Youtube














CORWIN PECK is a writer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. His work examines and engages physical relationships with everyday technology, text and their dissemination through the Internet. He is the author of the chapbook Papers (Particular Press 2008) and has appeared in Slightly West and Upstairs at Duroc.