see also old boards of canada albums i guess


1. i dunno man wearing brogues on a boat
what a faux pas amirite?

2. your sports drink has been weaponised
to quench especially your fernweh.

3. i know the hollowness of my charm, but
i think my uncertainty will never fail me.

4. wouldn’t it be nice if laws were badly
written to protect us from their writers?

5. eppur si muove.

6. there is no such thing as violence that is just
‘epistemological violence’.

7. self-reflexive poems that invite you
to take part in undermining the poet’s voice-

8. what a drag! ostentatious formal tricks
that clue you in to that disillusionment are still

9. inescapable.

5. even if, especially if, he never said it

7. probably shouldn’t have kicked off with that
thing about shoes though, hard to bring back

8. too obviously a Twitter callback -
but the allure of starting with a callback!

2. other feelings less prone to monetisation:
see also Gap, banking, Pepsi &c;

2. not many industries predicated
on saying ‘you are here, you are here, you are’.

4. & no more realist poems alluding to your love
of language plz i mean honestly PLZ (7).

2. but the virtue of a sports drink is its brevity
there’ll never be an heirloom sports drink.

3. the aphoristic turn is inerad (8)
icable but we have to try

4. amirite? the state says, ‘please, please say (9)
“amirite” please write poems please foreclose (5)

6. so i don’t have to, but i have to, (5)
i will. (5)




CLAUDE WILLAN lives in the Bay Area. His poems are forthcoming in Barrow Street and TYPO.