Books That Should Exist


A book by your mom about you

A genetically modified book

A book made of edible paper with recipes for edible paper

A book you can only read at night

A book of everything you said to me yesterday

A book of ten things I hate about you

A book of outdated data

A book you read in VR

A book of erased words

A book you can read in the shower

A time-sensitive book

A book that tattoos you as you read it

A book that will give you your money back if you don't like it

A collaborative book where you can tell the book where you want it to go in the story

A book that reads to you

A book that turns into a web of words when you touch it

A book that can cry

A hologram of a book, where you flip through projected pixels. You can also put your fingers through the pages. 

A book with wings that can fly away from you

A book that, when you read a page, sends heart emojis to all your family members

A book that you can drink. That is a liquid book. 

A constantly updated NewsFeed-like book

A book in which you can see the thoughts in all of your exes' heads at any time

A book that fills up with what is being said to you at any time in any place in the world. It’s like the gossiping about you book.

A book that talks to you. Maybe this is Siri?

A literal Face Book; a book that is always on the face of the author who wrote it. 

A book that shows you your insides in real time. I want to see videos of what my internal organs are doing ATM. Heart Book, Intestines Book, Liver Book, etc. 

A book called Casual Snacks: Why Millenials Aren't Committing to Meals

A book called Finger Fear: A History of Holding Hands

A book called One Minute Melee: Rituals You Can Perform to Honor Your Life When It's Almost Over

A book called Stocking Stiffers: Gift Giving Etiquette for All Occasions

A book called Someone's Knocking at My Door: How to Handle Strangers and Be a Stranger Too

A book called Never Clever: What You Can Do About Your Stale Conversation

A book called The Glibberati: How Smug Style Slipped into Our Zeitgeist

A book called Photographs, by Thomas Pynchon

A book whose words each pop out (or rise up) from the page at the author's predetermined pace, similar to how pace is pre-determined for us at the movies.  Then you could say this book is 1 hour and 44 minutes long :)

A book big enough for many people to read it at once. Somehow. Maybe like getting on each other's shoulders and such to read another section. Like people brood and shuffle over a jigsaw puzzle.

A book passengers of cars can read on the highway. Billboard after billboard after billboard of text until you get to the end of the book. Font on the top would need to be bigger then that on the bottom so you can start each "page" from a little distance. It could create community on the road.

A book written by New York for Montreal

A book written by Montreal for New York

A book of carpet

A book made out of cakes

A book you can read by walking inside of it