poetry died just before summer

a phone charger fell in the middle of the room

remembered sex

I prayed to neon gods

so hard to see a good thing pass

touched by the snow, she gave me a discount

these apps


hates the rich 

hydrangeas are her favorite

Vfiles in the Hamptons

Lyme disease then a few months of pills 

aged into normatively

a subtle thing to say

spent on fantasy

the skaters vaping to Lil B

on the Venice boardwalk 

I took a moment

a love once new grows old

hot pink


then floated in the pool

the weather is your boyfriend 

I want to buy you something

supernatural sky

we argue

you storm off

I push my hands through my hair

rain soaks a metallic bronze Volvo

it is part of the set

the producers check the gate

the actors can leave

I was into ideas

the thinking

poetry better left

summer’s over

this is genius what you’re doing here

and your performance at the party

moving so effortlessly among striations of wealth

your performance at the protest

do you feel like going out tonight?

pedro with her makeup on

toni and the limit

can’t you guess?

that boy you’d been fucking

his snake plant

I would die for your art

but I would never die for mine

I felt so bad

when Cara Delavingne dropped her coke

just as I had

in public, one afternoon

neon in daylight is a pleasure

when I close my eyes

I want to live in a different world

where music I already listen to

means different things

so I can like it more




BEN FAMA is the author of the artist book Mall Witch, as well as several chapbooks and pamphlets. In 2015 Ugly Duckling Presse will publish Fantasy, his first full length book of poems.