body looking for something unusual to preoccupy and pass the time
when you tell your dad to do a magic trick      he disappears
 Do you have kids? Do you have plans? Do you have regrets? Women who fail at joy. you eat in the fourth dimension, which is time
in gutters   eating McDonalds
makes every face haggard

  learn the rules, count the tips
I guarantee I’m a better lover than your boyfriend.
the same core structure subject to infinitely subtle variations

Forget confessional art
I paint with my back to the world
 pre-verbal, infantile bliss. Little Children Loving Love, I Love the Whole World, Lovely Life, even Infant Response to Love
Changes hands for millions.    could remember the moment of her birth.     she entered the world with a sword
I was very happy. I thought I would cut my way through life. Victory to Victory
Half my victories fell to the ground
while very, very slowly pushing a pram

I can tell your work sucks

No more problems now I can walk naked in my apartment
Not just health but personality is structural
capital equals oral, smoking, drinking, lipstick, blowjob
so close to the river she could see the expressions on sailors faces
walls so thin she could hear them do up flies

then they were
forced to move, forbidden from moving, punished for moving
(tho the borders were drawn by colonisers)
animals that eat honey are courageous and careful, like the bee, the bear, the hummingbird
not like the dirty sugar eater
ant lives that lives in the sugar bowl
sugar is made from blood

Nature is like parting a curtain
you go in




AURELIA GUO is an artist and writer based in Melbourne.